Vegetarian Stroganoff: Marley Spoon

Hi Organic Food Lovers,

I got a request from Marley Spoon to try out their service. And I must say, I really liked the experience.

During the week, I work every day from 8.30am until very late (not to mention my mommy duties 🙂 ) and I have little time to do groceries. Therefore, I usually go in the weekends but I waste almost 2 hours of my time.

The concept of Marley Spoon sparked my interest right away. It’s great for busy mommies and daddies or when you are receiving friends/your date 😉 and you want to make dinner with fresh ingredients in a few easy steps …

When you download their app , you can choose  from different type of boxes based on the portions, frequency of the delivery per week and whether you prefer vegetarian boxes.

Furthermore, you can browse for new recipes every week (you can also receive them by e-mail).

When you make your selection regarding the type of box, you can also choose the date and time when you want to receive the box! Amazing, I feel like I live in London and NYC again hehe.

Anyways, Marley Spoon will text you before delivering the fresh groceries to make sure you are home.


My Vegetarian Stroganoff with mushrooms, spinach and rice

I received the following package of fresh (organic) ingredients on time, as promised!  It also included simple instructions how to create the vegetarian Stroganoff in 30-40 min. 😉

Vegetarian Stroganoff - The Organic Label

After following all the steps (boiling the rice, preparing,  frying the veggies…), my cooking pan looked like this:

Vegetarian Stroganoff Marley Spoon - The Organic Label

Et bon appétit 😉

Vegetarian Stroganoff Marley Spoon 2 - The Organic Label


Vegetarian Stroganoff Marley Spoon 3- The Organic Label

Check out Marley Spoon’s Dutch Website for more info!


You don’t live in The Netherlands? Don’t worry! They are also located in the following countries:


Vegan Pumpkin and Carrot Soup

This ultimate immune-boosting vegan pumpkin and carrot soup is very healthy and contains flu fighting superfoods like turmeric, garlic and ginger. Ready in 15 min. :)!

So here are the main organic ingredients I use (4 servings): 60% pumpkin, 19% carrot, red onion, celery, and 0.6% coriander.

The addition of the garlic (I use 2 or 3 cloves), ginger and turmeric makes the soup very nourishing and healing for the body.

Sauté the ingredients (except the coriander*) for 2 min on a low temperature, then add 400ml of water. Cook for 13 min (not too high temperature).

pumpkin and carrot soup

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Propolis & Manuka Hand Cream and Lipstick

The following products contain propolis and manuka. What is the difference and what are the health benefits?

Bioformule Propolis Lipstick

1) Propolis:

Honey isn’t the only thing that bees make. Propolis or “bee glue” is a greenish-brown mixture that honey bees produce by combining their own saliva and beeswax with exuded substances they collect from tree buds, sap flows and other botanical sources. It is used as a coating to build their hives.

What are the health benefits?
Propolis is thought to have antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory properties. According to Dr. Axe (, Propolis:

  • Helps Combat Cancer.
  • Treats Candida Symptoms.
  • Stops Herpes (Cold Sores) Reproduction.
  • Prevents and Treats Common Cold and Sore Throats.
  • Fights Parasites.
  • Improves Fertility for Females with Endometriosis.

Propolis in hand cream:
Propolis extract helps to repair and strengthen the skin’s barrier. Use often to soften skin and prevent dryness and cracking. Continue reading “Propolis & Manuka Hand Cream and Lipstick”


DivaMoM: Handmade organic body oil

DivaMoM is a product of the Hungarian brand SkinDelight, which only uses high quality and organic cold pressed oils. The handmade and organic body oil is made of 99.1% certified organic ingredients:

Coconut (cocos nucifera) oil*, jojoba (simmondsia chinensis) oil*, sweet almond (prunus amygdalus dulcis) oil*, shea (butyrospermum parkii) butter*, cocoa (theobroma cacao) seed butter* essential oils: ylang-ylang (cananga odorata)*, palmarosa (cymbopogon martini)*, mandarin (citrus reticulata), lemon (citrus limon)*, orange (citrus  sinensis)*, petitgrain (citrus aurantium leaf), rosewood (aniba rosaedora), bergamot (citrus bergamia)*, lemongrass (cympopogon citratus)*, patchouli (pogostemon cablin) vetiver (vertiveria zizanioides), grapefruit (citrus paradisii)*,

*certified organic.

Divamom from Skindelight

Why DivaMoM?
Today, I’m 28 weeks (6th month) pregnant and my belly feels very often itchy and tight but is also growing really fast now (already gained 12kg!)! My fear of stretch marks is therefore also increasing. According to Heidi Waldorf, MD., an associate clinical professor of dermatology, stretch marks happen when your body grows faster than your skin can keep up with. This causes the elastic fibers just under the surface of the skin to break. Growing that fast can leave you with stretch marks, especially on your belly and breasts, two areas that grow the most. Stretch marks can also show up on the thighs, buttocks, and upper arms. And according to Babycentre’s pregnancy weight gain estimator, by the end of my pregnancy I will gain 11.3-15.9 kg (1 st 11 lb – 2 st 7 lb)….Oh boy! Continue reading “DivaMoM: Handmade organic body oil”


Logona Organic Hair Color: Brand Review

Dear Organic Lovers,

At the moment, I’m searching for a great organic brand for hair coloring without PPD, peroxides, ammonia etc. After hours researching and reading many positive reviews, I decided to buy & try Logona’s products.

Why Logona?
Well, I gave up on searching for permanent hair color brands as I noticed they all contain ingredients such as PPD or peroxide. And if your stylist/colorist tells you they’ve found a natural or organic permanent hair color, do not believe them! In addition, there is a question whether 100% organic hair dyes do exist. Therefore, I’m trying to find the most natural products that cover the best…

Logona Organic Hair Color

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My Organic Pregnancy

Hi Organic Lovers,

As I’m a fan of everything natural and organic, I’m very happy to finally share the experience of my “organic pregnancy”. I will share some health tips and review organic/natural products.

Today, I’m exactly 23 weeks pregnant. Time flies and my belly is growing so fast now! I can’t believe that in May 2017 I can finally hold my baby girl. I can already feel here kicking (since 18th week). She is a wild girl hehe.

Organic Pregnancy
20 weeks pregnant

The 3D ultrasound picture below (and the most recent one) was taken when I was exactly 20 weeks pregnant. It was one of the most beautiful moments during my pregnancy…

Baby Girl 20 Weeks Pregnancy


The ultrasound picture below was taken when I was exactly 3 months pregnant. I finally could share the great news with my family and friends!

3 months pregnant

I remember that once I found out that I was pregnant, I started to be very careful with everything.

First of all, although some women still continue drinking some alcohol during their pregnancy, I decided not to touch any drop of it (missing my wines!). I also avoid eating certain “raw foods’ such as:

  • Cheeses made with raw milk (think about the soft cheeses such as Camembert) -> always search for cheeses made with pasteurised milk!
  • Raw /undercooked meet (Carpaccio) and raw fish/shellfish such as sushi. For my burgers I always make sure that they are well done. Although infection with listeria is rare, it is important to take special precautions in pregnancy, because even a mild form of the illness in a pregnant woman can lead to miscarriage, stillbirth or severe illness in a newborn baby. Many cold meats, such as salami, Parma ham, chorizo and pepperoni, are not cooked, they are just cured and fermented. This means that there’s a risk they contain toxoplasmosis-causing parasites.
  • Raw or partially cooked eggs to prevent the risk of salmonella food poisoning
  • Vacuum-packed fish and meat

In addition, you have to be careful for toxins and “Toxoplasma gondi “ when working in the garden. Toxoplasma gondi is an infection that is spread from animals to humans and can be acquired by ingesting or direct contact with raw or undercooked meat as well as exposure to soil. Cats play an important role in the spread of toxoplasmosis! And as fruits and vegetables have to be washed very well, I avoid eating salads in restaurant. I also don’t order drinks with ice (and added lemon) anymore to avoid risk of certain bacteria. I know I know, I’m very cautious, but I’m doing everything to protect my baby girl :).

A great source where all the above is mentioned and summarised is FDA’s (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) info about Food Safety for Pregnant Women .

Furthermore, pregnancy safe hair dye products should NOT contain ammonia, peroxide, PPDs (para-phenylenediamines, the chemical that creates color and is widely thought to be carcinogenic), coal tar (the FDA issued a warning about it being a possible cancer risk back in 1993), lead, toluene and resorcinol.

In my next post I will write more about “organic” hair dye products.

Stay tuned! 😉

Also, check out The Organic Label’s IG and FB account for more info!



NYR Organic Mascara and Night Cream

When visiting Neal’s Yard Remedies (NYR) store in Covent Garden in London I fell in love with the ingredients of the “Lengthening Mascara” and the “Vitamin E & Avocado Night Cream”. I just had to buy and try both products!


As mentioned in one of my previous posts, Neal’s Yard Remedies is an ethical organic health and beauty shop in London. It’s one of Britain’s best-loved beauty brands.

After using the products for a few weeks, here is my review:

NYR’s Vitamin E & Avocado Night Cream:
I have a sensitive combination skin and after using this product (Made with 91% organic ingredients!) for a few weeks I can say that I love this light and non- greasy cream. You can notice that it deeply nourishes the skin overnight, leaving it beautifully soft the following morning. Continue reading “NYR Organic Mascara and Night Cream”


The Organic Pharmacy: The Lifting Eye Gel

Are you searching for an organic lifting eye gel without toxic ingredients? Well, in London I was searching in department stores such as Harrods (all brands contained some toxic ingredients!), Selfridges (sell interesting organic brands!) and in the city. I fell in love with the lifting eye gel of The Organic Pharmacy, which is made with 81.5% organic ingredients.

The Organic Pharmacy Lifting Eye Gel

My review:

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Organic Food In Ibiza

Dear Organic Lovers,

A week ago, I came back from my amazing trip in Ibiza. I discovered beautiful beaches such as Platja De Ses Illetes in Formentera, Ses Salines and Cala Comte in Ibiza. As for the beach clubs, I went to Nikki Beach, Destino (part of the Pacha group) and Cotton Beach Club. My craziest night was at Lio (club, restaurant and cabaret). To see some pictures, check out my personal profile at Instagram: @marleen_vonk 😉

During my stay, I was really curious if there were restaurants/ cafés nearby that offer organic food. I checked on Foursquare and noticed “Caos Slow Organic Food & Wine” and “La Paloma” (very high score!). I had to try out both places!!!

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