Neal’s Yard Remedies: Ethical Organic Health & Beauty

Neal’s Yard Remedies is an ethical organic health and beauty shop in London. It’s one of Britain’s best-loved beauty brands and I haven’t seen the brand in any other country yet. They won lots of health and beauty rewards (Natural Health Magazine Beauty Awards 2016, veggie award, winner CEW Beauty Award 2015 etc.) and I fell in love with the brand when I noticed the organically produced ingredients in the products.

Neal's Yard Remedies Covent Garden

In general, you see a lot of “organic” or “100% natural” on products’ packaging. However, when you look at the ingredients, they still contain  some toxic ingredients (I always try to search for eco-certified brands). Therefore, a few months ago I created the following “instaguide” for my instagram followers:

Instaguide series The Organic Label


They can make a screenshot and save it on their phone to always have it handy when they go shopping for non-toxic beauty and personal care products.

Now back to Neal’s Yard Remedies. In their Convent Garden’s store (their first shop opened in 1981), I mentioned I’m blogging about organic toxic-free products and they were really friendly and explained all the interesting products and the story behind the brand. For my skin issue (expression lines and combined skin) I got some samples that I will try out and review soon. They also mentioned that I have to drink lots of water and gave me brochures about herbal remedies. Aaaand I could NOT leave the store without buying their organic certified “Vitamin E and avocado night cream” and lengthening mascara. I will also post a review about them soon! 🙂

Neal's Yard Remedies Certifications

Inside Neal's Yard Remedies London

Inside Neal's Yard Remedies



Organic Veggie Café in London

Hi Organic Lovers,

I’m back!

I recently moved to my new home in Belgium and didn’t have much time to spend on my blog. But I’m finally settled and found time to share my experience of my organic journey in London a few weeks ago.

As mentioned earlier in one of my posts, I lived in London for two years. I see it, after Belgium and NYC, as my 3rd home. London is super close to Belgium (approx. 2 hours from Brussels and via Eurostar). As a result, I go there often to combine business with pleasure hehe.


Wild Food Café Covent Garden

A few weeks ago, I had lunch at one of my favorite places in beautiful Neal’s Yard in Covent Garden: Wild Food Café. WFC is a raw and wholefood veggie café. Every time I go there, I have the feeling I’m in exotic Cuba! If you go there, you know what I mean! 🙂 The food is really fresh and from local independent suppliers and organic producers!

Wild Food Cafe Covent Garden

Wild Food Cafe Inside

Wild Food Cafe London

Wild Food Cafe London

If you love raw, vegan and nutrient-packed food you should definitely try out Wild Food Café!

Next week I will write about the health and skincare shop: Neal’s Yard Remedies. One of Britain’s best-loved beauty brands!

Stay tuned!