Lovechock Organic Raw Chocolate

At VitaSana I also noticed the organic brand “Lovechock”:

Loveshock Raw Chocolate

I discovered this Dutch raw chocolate brand in a health/fitness store in London, very close to where I worked (dangerous!). In the store, I only noticed the basic Pure/Nibs bars (the full bodied pure bar with crunchy pieces of cacao beans). At VitaSana, I saw ALL the flavours; and off course I tried them all 😀 ! My favourite flavour is the Mulberry/Vanilla one. I can really taste the toffee, vanilla and warm after tones. Yummy. I love the quotes inside the packages too!

Lovechock Organic Raw Chocolate

According to Lovechock , the brand’s products are:

  • 100% organic cacao from Ecuador
  • Suitable for Vegan Diet
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Contains flavonoids (antioxidants)
  • Sweetened with coconut blossom nectar

Lovechock Organic Raw Chocolate

And yes, I took some home :D!!!


Happy Shake and Dr. Antonio Martins Coco Juices

Hi Organic Lovers,

My first posts (sooo excited !) will be about my reviews regarding some products I discovered at BioXpo Vitasana in Brussels. VitaSana is a yearly trade fair for bio, eco, natural and sustainable products; and a great event for all those involved in health matters.

At the entrance of VitaSana I noticed Ellemieke Vermolen making healthy shakes. She is a Dutch actress and she is married to celebrity chef Sergio Herman (had a three Michelin starred restaurant!). She recently published her second book “Happy Shake”. The book explains how to make healthy shakes and smoothies and how to target specific health issues with the right superfoods. I had the honor to be one the first people to receive it…. Signed!!! Her T-shirt gives the wrong perspective though haha.


Ellemieke Vermolen


Dr Antonio Martins and Ellemieke Vermolen


Besides my joy of receiving the “Happy Shake” book, I noticed a stand with coconut juices of the brand “Dr. Antonio Martins”. As I’m a coconut lover (and freak according my friends) and tried out so many juices (most of them taste so fake and like chemicals), I was very excited to try them out. The juices of the brand really taste like the real deal. Fresh, clean and pure.