Dear Organic Lovers,

Thank you for visiting The Organic Label. The perfect source when you love your products organic, 100% natural, non- toxic or plant-based. My posts are about beauty products, supplements, food, healthy hints and much more for a better living. I love to research and review new green products and I hope you enjoy my organic journey.

Why The Organic Label?
My passion for green products started when I moved from Belgium to NYC in 2007 for my career in Marketing/Advertising. I was always health-conscious and loved to research and try out DIY beauty tips. While shopping in New York I noticed the difference with American products. Even the popular “healthy” products contained much more sugar and preservatives than the (same) European brands. Also, I noticed the “organic” trend and I loved to check out health stores and their organic products.

Today, I live in Antwerp but due to my vast network I often travel to London (lived there 1,5 year) and New York. My mission is therefore to explore new (trendy) stores and their products; and provide people with amazing organic alternatives to maybe help inspire others to do the same.

Want to reach out personally or have products you’d like me to review? Email me at [email protected].