Evening primrose and Borage oils are great sources of gamma-linolenic acid (GLA). Borage oils have a much higher content of GLA, almost double, than that found in evening primrose. On the other hand, evening primrose is much higher in ALA, an omega-6 essential fatty acid.

Getting the right amount of GLA can help maintain youthful skin, working hormones, and a great metabolism.


Evening Primrose and Borage Supplement - The Organic Label

When taking the oils by mouth, the combination of both oils can have the following health benefits*:

  • Improved skin moisture, roughness, firmness, and elasticity.
  • Ease PMS symptoms:
    • Digestive issues
    • Irritability and depression
    • Backache
    • Fatigue
    • Breast pain or tenderness
  • Menopausal relief
  • Arthritis pain reduction

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*Are you pregnant or taking medications (e.g medications that slow blood clotting)? Please speak first with a healthcare provider before starting new supplements.