This ultimate immune-boosting vegan pumpkin and carrot soup is very healthy and contains flu fighting superfoods like turmeric, garlic and ginger. Ready in 15 min. :)!

So here are the main organic ingredients I use (4 servings): 60% pumpkin, 19% carrot, red onion, celery, and 0.6% coriander.

The addition of the garlic (I use 2 or 3 cloves), ginger and turmeric makes the soup very nourishing and healing for the body.

Sauté the ingredients (except the coriander*) for 2 min on a low temperature, then add 400ml of water. Cook for 13 min (not too high temperature).

pumpkin and carrot soup

In addition, I add the following spices/herbs:

  • Organic vegetable broth powder
  • Sea salt & black pepper to taste
  • Fresh thyme
  • Cayenne pepper
  • Lovage
  • Fenugreek
  • Fennel
  • Extra Species: chives, rosemary, parsley, marjoram

* Add now the fresh coriander and puree the soup with a hand mixer

Et bon appétit! 🙂

Pumpkin Carrot soup ready